Keeping Redding Rodeo Traditions Alive


Winners of the 2017 Asphalt Cowboys Rodeo Parade

Congratulations to this years participants and thanks to all who came out to support our Redding Rodeo Traditions

LOOT has been FOUND by Mark Shaw of Redding

LONE STRANGERS HAVE BEEN IDENTIFIED as Bruce Middleton and David Kehoe


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Popular Events

Go to Asphalt Cowboy’s Parade

Asphalt Cowboy’s Parade

Come join us for a very special Redding tradition. And don’t forget to submit your Parade Entry form before it’s too late.

Go to Asphalt Cowboy’s Golf Tournament

Asphalt Cowboy’s Golf Tournament

Come join the Asphalt Cowboys in their annual Golf Tournament at Gold Hills Golf Club.

Go to Bank Robbery

Bank Robbery

Monday morning of rodeo week begins with the “Bank Robbery”. The Lone Stranger. actually two local residents in disguise, who manage to rob the bank even with the ever vigilant Cowboys nearby.

Go to RODEO WEEK – Pancake Breakfast

RODEO WEEK – Pancake Breakfast

Started in 1954, as one of the Rodeo Week activities, the first breakfast served about 700 people. By the late 1950’s, the breakfast had grown to over 1000 participants.

Parade Map

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